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Fall Wedding Ideas
Fall Wedding Ideas
These are pictures I have collected over time from the Internet. They are provided here for inspiration only. Images may be copyrighted by their subjective owners.
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<b>* Some Tips *</b>
* Some Tips * 

--Ebay is a great place to look for wedding items.

--If you're crafty enough, you can take a look at some handmade wedding items on Ebay and make them yourself! For example: Card holders, Flower girl baskets, Ring bearer pillows, Pew bows, etc.

--I saw some programs I really loved for sale on ebay. The bids were going at $60+ for 100 programs. I emailed and asked for a sample, I was charged $2, but I got the sample, and its something I could do myself! Once I saw it upclose and I got to see what materials were used, I realized its not that hard!

--Try Google search engine to find some of the items you can buy in bulk, you can find some great deals.

--I read somewhere that search engines charge companies to show up in the first few pages of a completed search. This means if you type in your search to buy something, you should start price comparisons on page 4 or so. I bought my bittersweet sprays for $1.29 each, whereas some sites charged $5+ each! The website I found them on was a result from my search and was listed on page 10 or so. Don't give up your hunt!

--When searching on Google I usually type "Fall wedding ______" insert what your looking for, i.e. 'centerpieces', 'flowers', 'dresses', etc.

--A quicker way to navigate when using Google, is to click on the word "Images" on the top of the Google page, and it will show the images that matched your search critera.

--Don't limit yourself to using only "fall" and "autumn" in your search! Try words like "thanksgiving" or "halloween" (depending on what type of theme you're going with). I found some of these pictures by doing a "thanksgiving centerpiece" search!

--To save on the cost of flowers, I am decorating the cake table very simply. I will use the bridesmaids bouquets to decorate the tables. I will buy some short vases (since the bouquets will not have long stems and I dont want to cover up the cake!) and at the beginning of the reception, I will have 2 bridesmaids gather the bouquets and arrange them in the vases on the cake table.

--Use tape (preferrably waterproof) to help in floral arrangements: Make a grid at the top of the container out of waterproof tape. The clear tape grid pattern is an excellent method used by professionals. You can also use Floral Netting or Chicken Wire to accomplish this. Check out